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There are also larger vessels made for the outdoors which take their influence from ancient Japanese ceramics. Last year I went back to tile making, an early love of mine, creating a large tiled wall mural , who knows where things will lead me this year.

My mother had been a long time member of the Hole in the Wall group, a pottery in Emsworth, Hants. As she started to get older and travel became harder I started to take her there and while there had to have a go. I've been hooked ever since.


I live and work in Elmer Sands near Bognor Regis. Most of my pieces are hand built, made by coil building, however nothing is ruled out, there is always the constant exploration of different techniques using new materials. I continue to produce raku decorative vessels, my triffids, but lately have been experimenting with white and coloured triffids in high fired stoneware which allows for different decoration techniques.

I did a foundation in Art but then went to London and got a job in fashion, working my way from sample machinist, to pattern cutter, and then designer. Then there was a spell in vintage clothing, interior design, traditional upholstery and antique restoration, so many mediums. Fast forward many years and quite by accident I discovered clay.

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